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SesameSearch Version Information


1. Languages selection is not necessary before the search. You can now input both the source text and target text to search the data.
2. Added the combined query with the support of“and, or, not”.
3. Added the advanced query on homepage.
4. Added the advanced query on translation memories.
5. Added the advanced query on termbases.
6. Supported searching on monolingual documents.
7. Optimized the search on the article detail page. Supported searching on the monolingual documents.
8. Added “Total documents” and “Total visits”on homepage.


1. When the term library maintains sharing terms, the term library increases the time limit for sharing.
2. When the memory library maintains a shared memory library, it increases the time limit for sharing.
3. When the library maintains a shared document library, it increases the time limit for sharing.
4. If there are no friends in the library, if there is no friend, "Please add friends and share it".


1. When the group members are added, the name of the friend is entered, and the search results are matched in real time.
2. The friends page adds a group of friends to the group, showing the group in which the friends are located.
3.The document upload "type" is changed to "open type".
4. Optimize the search results page, remove the search result page library, memory library, and the term library search button.
5. The home page is optimized, the library is removed; the memory library; the term library pulldown the search page.
6.Remove the home settings button.
7. The button on the home page "Switchto English" changed "English".


1. Search results page adjustment display mode, the original text on, the translation below.
2. Friends sharing list page date adjusted to share date.
3. When both the original text and the translation input keywords, the bilingual document keywords are highlighted.
4. View full text page display, adjust to the left to show the original, the right shows the translation.
5. The library list page display is adjusted to show the original text, and the translation is shown below.


1. Adjust to see the full text page prompted information dislocation.
2. My document page, the document added to the search, add delete function.
3. Friends to share documents after retrieval, add delete.
4. When the bilingual document is uploaded in the user library, when the bilingual document is viewed, the adjustment is displayed to view the bilingual document.
5. Add text and translation attributes when uploading documents.
6. Increase the number of upload documents entry.


1. Add download function.
2. Adjust the user to view full page number.


1. Adjust IE9 browser, the terminology editor page can not use the problem.
2. Adjust IE9 browser, memory library edit page can not use the problem.
3. Page information 49 when modifying friends sharing documents.


1. Short term, improved display mode.
2. Adjusting the blank display of advanced search authors, translators, and sources.
3. Third party login adjustment.


1. Bilingual pages are added in English only. Only Chinese characters are displayed.
2. Bilingual articles, detailed pages, increased control, and up and down.
3. Add the full text preview, scroll to the full text and scroll to the last paragraph of the full text.
4. Optimized correlation bug.


1. Single language detailed page revision.
2. Improve customer feedback online.


1. Bilingual control page revision.
2. The search keyword in perfect system contains special symbol processing.
3. The details page of the bilingual article, the right border is not displayed in Firefox.
4. The English word for document detail page is shown in split.


1. Solve Firefox browser articles, paragraph number, error.
2. Solve paragraph lack after upload.
3. Resolving keyword searches, special symbols, displaying errors in the article details page, or skipping to other search pages.


1. Home page, search results page, add author, translator, proof, source, field, date, advanced options.
2. Cancel the default memory library box prompt.
3. Library, memory library, term library, hidden non operating buttons.
4. Solving the problem of incorrect Chinese and English after the addition of the sentence to the second edition.


1. Library maintenance - my library, button name, new directory, and new folder.
2. Library maintenance - friends share the library, the button "ignore" instead of "recycle bin".
3. When searching for a sentence or phrase, the library will prompt no relevant keywords when entering the article details page.
4. The home search results page removes the serial number and adds the file format icon.
5. Library maintenance - my library list adds file format icons.
6. Library maintenance - friends share library list, add file format icon.
7. Home search results, View Article Details page, add file format icon.
8.View my library and friends sharing the library details page, add file format icon.


1. Solve page language switching problem.
2. Solve the first entry details, the article from the bottom up, there will be a preview of a part of the word problems.
3. Solve the article details page, the article more than 1000 lines, serial number fold line problem.
4. Solve the article details page, the same article appears different font problems.


1. Home page revision.
2. Solve the article details page, the article shows no and bilingual article width inconsistency problem.
3. Solve the search for English keywords, empty pages appear.
4. After uploading articles, articles with special symbolic characters are blocked.
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